Thursday, January 31, 2013

Zelda- Link In Action!

Just pulled this one out.  I really like it overall, but have noticed some things that don't make it bad, but could have made it stronger.  mainly I think the silhouette.  but other than that I feel like I pushed myself a little bit and hope that you all enjoy it.

Earthbound! Jeff-Tessie

SO, this is supposed to be pretty rough.  But, I will say, I don't really like it.  The only reason I'm posting it is because I owe Chris Jimenez a drawing a week.  haha.

I cleaned some stuff up, and then threw in some variations.  from top to bottom:
full color
threw greyscale into the trees, and then the original just cleaned up.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jason....Er, Captain America

  I've never felt good about posting pictures of people, but I figure as long as i'm improving, if it doesn't look like them now or if just doesn't look good in general, eventually it will.  Then, I'll draw another one if i feel i owe it to them.

  Yes, He is holding a spatula colored red, white, and blue.  Because in actuality This is not the Captain America we all know and love.  It is actually my brother.  For Christmas he got an awesome sweatshirt.  He was hilarious acting like Captain America.
   Since he's an all-star chef (he works at a five-star restaurant in Napa Valley, California as the head Pastry chef,) and he got that sweatshirt for Christmas, i decided to specialize the picture a little bit.

Hope you all enjoy.  Especially you Jason!