Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Chrono Trigger Frog and more!

  I haven't had internet for several weeks now, and ironically it's when I've been drawing the most so I haven't been able to post like i have wanted to.  Obviously, this isn't everything, however it's some of the stuff I'm more proud of, and there are several in here that I am extremely proud of.  I have to say however, I am extremely grateful to the Lord in his helping me improve so quickly, I can feel myself improving really fast, so I hope it continues.
  Not to mention, I have had a blast drawing some of these pics!
  Quick blurbs about the drawings,
  1. Frog, Chrono Trigger:  yes, I understand it repeats itself, originally I drew it on the same page as the other chrono trigger drawings, but liked it so much I made it it's own copy, and am willing to sell prints to those who care to buy them.
  2. Flying Pig:  yes, yes I did.  to those whom are asking "is that a flying pig?" yes, yes it is. Furthermore, to those who continue asking "and is he spitting a blue fireball???"  Yes to that too my friends. 
       Meet your new friend.  a symbol that dreams can come true.  "When pigs fly... and or shoot blue fireballs out of their mouth."  to that I answer "BEHOLD! For he does both!"
  3.  Moogles, Final fantasy:  One of my childhood friends is getting married this upcoming weekend and I wished to do something for him and his soon to be wife.  They are both final fantasy fans, and so i drew this for them.
  4.  Leonardo, TMNT.  nuff said
  5.  refer to 1.  other than that, all Chrono Trigger stuff.
  6.  more Chrono Trigger sketches
  7-9.  sketches and such, take from them what you will.  and yes, pigs have been on my mind recently.
  10.  Poo, Earthbound: quick little piece I threw together, not my best, there's a lot i could pick at, but eh, whatever.

there I hope you all enjoy what I have and i will most likely be posting more relatively soon.  Enjoy!

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