Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Street Fighter Sketches!! ... and some other stuff!

  These are mostly some sketches that I have done at work over the past several days.  Street Fighter has been on my mind recently.  don't know why.  I'm not a super huge fan, but the have character!
  These come straight out of my sketchbook and or notepad from work haha.  So, nothing is all too great, there is a lot of stuff that's pretty wonky, but the way I think of my
sketchbook, is a place I draw to figure stuff out, so I'm scribbling all over the place, just trying to figure stuff out.  trying over and over again to understand what I've been studying or practicing the same thing again asking myself, why doesn't it look right, i identify what i feel it is then try again and again until i figure out what it was.  
  I hope you enjoy these.  I had fun drawing a lot of them.  I hope to keep improving.  stay tune!

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